What happens when institution's Tier 4 license is suspended?

Suspension removes the institution from the public register of sponsors while further investigations are carried out. They will be notified that their licence will be revoked. If they fail to address concerns raised by the Home Office, and cannot recruit students during this period.

International Students who are already studying with the suspended Tier 4 sponsor:

These students are not immediately affected. Their visa/leave to remain is still valid. They can continue to study and travel to and from the UK as normal, subject to meeting the other immigration requirements.

International Students who have an out...

What happens when institution's Tier 4 license is revoked?

The Home Office has a responsibility to take immediate action where we have reason to believe that a sponsor is no longer fulfilling its obligations. Education providers have a duty to take their immigration responsibilities seriously.

International Students with applications outstanding:
they will be given a period of time to find a new sponsor and the application is kept on hold

International Students with leave at the institution:
in most cases they will have their leave curtailed down to 60 days (starting from the date of notification by the Home Office) in which to find a new sponsor


Which private colleges have had their licence suspended or revoked on and after 24 June 2014?


 Home Office immigration action against education institutions: factsheet


Sponsor suspensions June 2014


Universities and colleges that wish to recruit students from outside the European Economic Area under Tier 4 of the immigration Points Based System must hold a Tier 4 sponsor licence.


The Home Office has a responsibility to take immediate action where we have reason to believe that a sponsor is no longer fulfilling its obligations. Education providers have a duty to take their immigration responsibilities seriously.



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How to Prepare for Tier 4(UK Student) VISA?

The Home Office has introduced credibility interviews into the Tier 4 visa application process. These interviews are used as part of the assessment of the visa application and will be conducted in English, without the assistance of an interpreter.

Please note that students who are nationals of countries deemed to be “low risk” will not be interviewed, and it also does not apply to those students already in the UK.

There are two types of credibility interview. The first type will take place at the same time as your biometrics are taken at the Embassy or designated agency. This initial interview will only take around five minutes and will ...

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