Tier 4 License suspended

What happens when institution's Tier 4 license is suspended?

Suspension removes the institution from the public register of sponsors while further investigations are carried out. They will be notified that their licence will be revoked. If they fail to address concerns raised by the Home Office, and cannot recruit students during this period.

International Students who are already studying with the suspended Tier 4 sponsor:

These students are not immediately affected. Their visa/leave to remain is still vali...

Which private colleges have had their licence suspended or revoked on and after 24 June 2014?


 Home Office immigration action against education institutions: factsheet


Sponsor suspensions June 2014


Universities and colleges that wish to recruit students from outside the European Economic Area under Tier 4 of the immigration Points Based System must hold a Tier 4 sponsor licence.


The Home Office has a responsibility to take immediate ac...