Course Commencement

Course Commencement

Enrolment / Induction

Before you start your course you may be asked to enrol first.  Enrolment is a college or university procedure where the student is confirmed to start their classes.  In enrolment you also have the opportunity to see your college/university for the first time.  Some colleges/universities might provide a tour of the classrooms and facilities.  They may also give a presentation about the college/univerisity facilities and staff, as well as the local area and introduce you to settling in the UK.

At enrolment you will need to confirm your details including your residential contact details in the UK.  Once enrolment is complete your college/university will be able to issue you a letter which can be used for opening a bank account.  At enrolment you should obtain your identification card and timetable.


Classes / Attendance

These rules are laid down by the UK government and require that all full time courses attended by visa students comprise a minimum of 15 hours of day time supervised study per week. If a student’s cumulative attendance (For the purposes of this policy Cumulative Attendance is calculated over one academic term) falls short of 80% AND/OR in case of any student missing 10 Expected Contacts, the College is required by law to report that student to UKBA. If a student is reported to the UKBA for lack of attendance or continuous no-shows, UKBA will likely curtail the visa, which may result in expulsion from the UK.