Course Completion

Course Completion

Students who have completed their degree and whose university registration has ended may ordinarily work full-time for the remainder of the period of student leave to remain in the UK, this not exceeding 4 months.

  • Undergraduate students – until 31 October following end of registration*
  • Postgraduate taught students – 4 months after end of registration*
  • Postgraduate research students – Up to 4 months after successful completion of your course (when your student registration status on your student record shows “SC = successful completion)

A student visa is not valid beyond these periods

*Taught students finishing at other times of year or students re-sitting exams – 2 months only.

Masters students are deemed to have completed their course when they have submitted their dissertation and finished all examinations. From this date they will be considered to be on vacation and can work full time for a maximum of 4 months from this date on their student visa.