Colleges suspension/revoked by UKBA

Colleges suspension/revoked by UKBA

Has your college been suspended/revoked by UKBA or closed down?

If yes, and you are an international student already in the UK then unfurtunately, your permission to stay in the UK will be curtailed to 60 days from the date on the letter from the UKBA. You must leave the UK or make a Tier 4 application to study at an alternative institution within the 60 day period. 

How can we help you?

If your are looking to continue your studies in the UK then contact us immediately on 02088400194 or simply email us your details with Name and Contact number at We would guide you through this difficult time by providing you will the right support and guidance for free.


What happens after you contact us?

  1. Assign you a dedicated ‘Student Advisor’
  2. Assess your situation carefully and guide on how to overcome it
  3. We will quickly get you a place at institutions who are HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsors)
  4. Guide you in getting a refund from your institution
  5. Help you in submitting a new visa application at UKBA

Contact us Now on 02088400196, before its too late !



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