Applying for a student visa from outside the UK

Applying for a student visa from outside the UK

Before you apply, you should read:

  • the Can you apply? pages to find out whether you meet the requirements and will score enough points; and
  • the Documents required pages to find out which documents you should provide with your application.

Depending on the country where you live, you may need to make your application online or usingapplication form VAF9. To find out which method you should use, see 'More information' below.

All applicants must also complete and submit the relevant version of Appendix 8 of the form.

You can download application form VAF9, the Appendix and the guidance notes from the right side of this page.

The date of your application must be no more than 6 months after the date when your Tier 4 sponsor assigned your confirmation of acceptance for studies to you.

There are particular application requirements if you are currently in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

As part of your application, you will need to enrol your fingerprints and facial image (known as 'biometric information') at a visa application centre.

Select your country in our country finder to find out:

  • how to apply in your country (including how to apply online);
  • the location of our visa application centres;
  • how long UKBA generally take to process visa applications; and
  • how your documents will be returned to you.

If your application is successful, you can find information about what will happen at the border (including customs requirements) in the Customs and travel information section.