Applying from inside the UK

Applying from inside the UK

This page explains how you should apply for permission to remain in the UK under Tier 4 (General) of the points-based system, if you are currently:

  • in the UK as a student under Tier 4, and you want to extend your stay in this category so that you can continue your studies here; or
  • in the UK under a different immigration category, and you want to become an adult student here under Tier 4 (General). Depending on your current immigration category, you may or may not be able to 'switch' into Tier 4 (General) - see 'More information' below.

If you are a student completing a PhD at a UK higher education institute you can apply to stay in the UK for a further 12 months after your course completion date. For further information see 'more information' below.

Before you apply, you should read the Can you apply? pages to find out whether you are likely to score enough points to make a successful application.

The When to apply page explains when you should submit your application to us.

The Where to apply page explains how to submit your application by post, by courier or in person.

How to apply

If you think you are eligible to apply, you can access the application form, help text and policy guidance from the right side of this page. You must read the policy guidance before you make your application. The 'print and send' form enables to you complete your application, pay and book an appointment online (if required). You must then print your application form.

There are 2 exceptions where you will need to apply by hand on the paper application form. You must apply by hand if you:

  • want to use the Super Premium Service; or
  • are applying with 10 dependants or more.

If you want to use the Super Premium Service you should call the mobile coordinators on 020 8196 3893.

If you are applying with more than 10 dependants you can request a paper form by

You will then need to:

  • use our standard service to post your application form and supporting documents, and then enrol your biometric information; or
  • use our premium service to enrol your biometric information and submit your application form and supporting documents in person at one of our public enquiry offices, and (in most cases) get a decision about your application on the same day. For more information, see the Applying in person section.

As part of your application, you will need to enrol your fingerprints and facial photograph (known as 'biometric information') with UKBA in order to obtain a biometric residence permit. The Biometric information page explains how to do this.

There are special application requirements if you are currently in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man - see 'More information' below.