Can you bring your family?

Can you bring your family?

This page explains whether and how you can bring your family members (also known as 'dependants') to the UK while you are here as an adult student under Tier 4 (General) of the points-based system.

Your dependants are:

  • your husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried partner or same-sex partner; and
  • your children aged under 18 years old.

From 4 July 2011, you cannot bring your dependants to the UK unless you are:

  • sponsored by a higher education institution on a course at NQF level 7 or above which lasts 12 months or more; or
  • a new government-sponsored student following a course which lasts longer than 6 months.

If your dependants are already in the UK with permission, they will be allowed to extend their stay provided they apply at the same time as you apply to undertake a course of study lasting more than 6 months.

Dependants must apply under the rules for points-based system dependants. You can download guidance from the right side of this page.

Children born while you are in the UK

If you have 1 or more children while you are in the UK, you can apply for their permission to stay in the UK. You must complete the dependant application form and send a full UK birth certificate showing the names of both of the child's parents.