Prospectus of 2013

Richmond The American International University in London

Teaching quality* r ichmond is a UK University offering small group teaching (average 18 students per undergraduate class and 13 for postgraduate), and high contact time (normally 15 taught hours per week for undergraduates) to help students realise their full potential. o ur faculty are well-qualified, experienced and experts in their fields. e ach student is assigned a full-time member of faculty as a personal academic advisor. Live and learn in top London locations We are based in r ichmond and Kensington, two of the most attractive areas of London, and guarantee every student in their first year a place in University accommodation at our r ichmond c ampus, close to the capital’s wealth of historic sites, cultural and leisure facilities. Serious about graduate employment We guarantee to find a relevant internship, with academic credit, for all of our students who want one, subject to grade and reference requirements being met. i nternships are offered in a variety of sectors in London, c hina, i ndia, s outh Africa and Argentina, subject to availability. r ichmond graduates are now working at well known companies and organisations such as Goldman s achs, the United n ations and the e uropean c ommission, or have begun postgraduate study at universities including h arvard, mit , U c LA, o xford, c ambridge, Kings c ollege London and the L se . Flexible programmes We offer 4-year liberal arts and business BA degrees and 1 year m asters programmes, each with dual U s and UK recognition. t he undergraduate introductory year allows students freedom to explore a much broader-based curriculum than at many other universities. As a result, undergraduates do not have to commit to a particular programme when they enter the University and are not limited just to subjects studied previously at school or college. Flexible undergraduate start dates and entry requirements We can admit new undergraduates in Autumn (Fall), s pring or s ummer. t hose holding good grades in relevant A levels (and other qualifications) may be exempted from some courses and complete the programme in 3 years. A wide range of U s , UK and international qualifications and grades are accepted for entry to the full 4 year programme. An International University, by design ‘Unity in d iversity’ is our motto; students come to us from over 100 countries. o ur programmes and credits are fully compatible with both U s and UK systems, allowing students to progress to further study and transfer credits internationally. We guarantee a semester abroad for all undergraduates who request it, including at our own study centres in Florence and rome.

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