Undergraduate Prospectus International 2013/2014(UEL)

University of East London

These are exciting times for UEL, and especially for our students. The 2012 Olympic project has transformed east London and will leave an amazing legacy for decades to come. Alongside this, UEL has also been transformed. Our £170 million campus development programme has brought a range of new facilities, from 24/7 multimedia libraries and state-of-the-art clinics, to purpose-built student accommodation and, most recently, a major new £21 million sports complex. In addition, our vision, with its focus on developing excellence and becoming a leading centre for sport and entrepreneurship, provides a clear direction for our future. It’s a future which I invite you to be part of. However, I don’t believe that a university education is just about the time you spend here; rather, I believe it is part of a lifelong journey. I am passionate about our potential to deliver an experience that will help you transform your life, and build the basis for a long and successful future. A future in which you will not just be a university graduate, but proud to be a UEL graduate. With our unique location, our excellence in teaching and research, the dynamism and diversity provided by our multinational student community and our commitment to providing an outstanding student experience, UEL is a university with energy and vision. I hope you’ll like what you see in this prospectus and that you will want to become part of our thriving community.

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