Undergraduate And Postgraduate Prospectus 2014(BGU)

Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln

BGU Is a unique place, where you'll form friendships and have experiences that will shape the rest of your life - a fact to ...which our students will attest .We're set within a single-site campus, so just about everything you need is within easy reach .This means you won't have to wander through~ an urban sprawl Just to eat a cup of coffee or attend a lecture. Everything IS close by, whether it be your tutors, your friends, your lectures or the places In v.tl1Ch you like to relax. We've been here In the historic heart of Lincoln for over 150 years, a beautifully green and pleasant campus often ablaze With colour and pulsating to the rhythm of our samba band, Just a few minutes' walk from Lincoln cathedral, castle and \he old Roman City. We've seen a lot of things come and go m that time, but we've never stopped providing first-cIass education, turning out graduates of the highest calibre who go out Into \he wand and change people's lives for \he better.

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