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Tier 4 Sponsors

This is a list of insititutions licensed to sponsor migrants under Tier 4 of the Points-based System.

Highly Trusted Sponsors (HTS)

Highly Trusted Sponsor - (Highly Trusted Sponsor status (HTS) is designed to ensure that all education providers are taking their obligations on immigration compliance seriously. It recognises sponsors who show a good history of compliance with their sponsor duties and whose students comply with the terms of their visa or permission to stay in the UK)

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A Rating Sponsors

A Rating Sponsor - ‘A’ rating is reserved for new licence holders as a transitional rating before being able to apply for HTS. After 12 months sponsors must apply for HTS and must meet all of the criteria we have set out for Highly Trusted Sponsors.

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B Rating Sponsors

B Rating Sponsor - Under the sponsor ratings system in place before 05 September 2011 it was possible for some sponsors to be B rated. The Tier 4 sponsor guidance details the requirements for sponsors who are currently B-rated, sets out what sponsors must now do to keep their sponsor licence and provides information on transitional arrangements.

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Legacy Sponsors

Legacy Sponsors - (Legacy sponsors are Tier 4 sponsors who either: • do not try to meet the requirements for educational oversight by the deadlines set out in the sponsor guidance; or • do try to meet the new requirements for educational oversight by the deadlines set out in the sponsor guidance, but fail; or • meet the mandatory requirements for Highly Trusted Sponsor but score a ‘near miss’ on the core measurable requirements and when they re-apply, score a second near miss. If sponsors become legacy sponsors they will retain their original sponsor rating however they may not sponsor any new students or any existing students for a new course.)

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